I’ve waited for this photograph since the time I laid my eyes on the blast-from-the-past. The disappointment was having a 50mm lens when what I really needed was a wide-angle 10-14mm. The camera needs to be warmed up.


Shankar Market has a few moments like the one below which keeps you glued to the art on the first floor. Please watch out fresh paan and human stains. Though it’s 2015, we still like to paint the walls with our piss.


And then on the walk back, elephants.IMG_0076

Of course, every walk must end in a plate of delicious chaat or bhel. This wasn’t as delicious. Effects of mass production.


A feather for a whip

The best of man is like water,
Which benefits all things, and does not contend with them,
Which flows in places that others disdain,
Where it is in harmony with the Way.

( Taken from the Dao Of Web Design )

The morning dream

It’s been long since I had a conversation that dissected a photograph. This photograph brought back the talk.


Port of Call

A Certain Slant of Light Photography

PSA, or the Port of Singapore Authority, is one of the leading port operators in the world. It played a vital role in Singapore’s marine trade handling industry, which is a crucial part of the country’s economy given its size and lack of natural resources. One case study which frequently popped up during my university days was how PSA pioneered the use of information technology in its quest for efficiency. One of these involved how the containers are stacked together, and the most efficient way to locate and unstack them for shipping. Looking at the scale of these containers, I can only imagine how daunting the process must have been.

But hey, repeating patterns!


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CP (take2)

*and action*
Just yesterday, I was waiting at Connaught place for a cousin. I had as always arrived on-time, but the cousin being a Delhite and all, arrived a good 30 mins late. But I did made good of
the loitering

No matter how poor Indians get, we always make sure we have time to watch a destitute mannequin get his pants changed.

Also did find this national flag there in the CP roundabout. I think we have contracted the American disease of putting flags for public notice.


This thing is not as small as it looks:


This is what happens when you make a panorama in portrait-mode with shaky hands.


And some frail old buildings; I’d like to know the reason why they are being kept alive. It’s most likely a legal tussle I presume.





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