Black Hawk Down(2001)


Source : Black Hawk Down(2001)

Excerpts from the ending scenes:

“..19 American soldiers lost their lives and thousands of skinnies were killed…”

Skinnies referred to here, are Somali citizens.

Has there been a more racist movie in recent history?

This is not counting in the fact that the Malayasian and Pakistan soldiers( as the part of the UN peacekeeping force) who extracted overwhelmed American  task force from the Madina Bazaar were made to look like waiters serving water and fresh towels to the “American soldiers who return famished after a well fought war” – this is something that Gen. Musharraf conveniently forgets in his claims below.

General Pervez Musharraf, the former President of Pakistan, similarly accused the filmmakers of not crediting the work done by the Pakistani soldiers in his autobiography In the Line of Fire: A Memoir:

“The outstanding performance of the Pakistani troops under adverse conditions is very well known at the UN. Regrettably, the film Black Hawk Down ignores the role of Pakistan in Somalia. When U.S. troops were trapped in the thickly populated Madina Bazaar area of Mogadishu, it was the Seventh Frontier Force Regiment of the Pakistan Army that reached out and extricated them. The bravery of the U.S. troops notwithstanding, we deserved equal, if not more, credit; but the filmmakers depicted the incident as involving only Americans.”

It is in the end, a movie that captures the details of a civil war with attention-gripping kinetic energy but on a(unfortunately)racist canvas!


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