a goodbye?

It’s a tough goodbye to

the dogs(Mike,and Audi(you have been forgiven)),

the popcorn meet-ups of 4pm,

the rare flying chocolates caught every Wednesday evening,

the awesome drives in the Getz( VSS,Thanks man!!),

Sports car sightings(Thanks to me for spotting the Quattroporte, what grace,the car I mean! ),

the late night beer raids,

the best home made Hyderabadi biriyani ever and last but the best – being “Sir”ed for borrowing a chair almost everyday(I have two, in the cubicle for managers’ which I occupied :P)

The chaotic traffic sense has become an integral part of my daily life and as has the meetha pan after every dinner.Sigh. And, if you ever come down to Hyd DC on a working day, don’t forget to meet the bloggers here – hospitality is the word and you are the guest. Especially Sumanoj, VSS , Ashwin and Ms. G (who though has officially been transferred to Pune,is essentially STILL here in Hyderabad). Off to Bangalore on Sunday. ALL fingers crossed.


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