rock climbed, I

The day did not begin well. I should have had that hot cuppa tea. Aunt is a good cook, but I shunned it. Changed into track-pants, raced out with my bike. I had to pick up Rindo on the way and on a very sandy right-turn to the pickup-point I met Earth. Suddenly, I was transformed from a Knight Rider to a traveller selling his belongings(specifically a pair of jeans, 2 Lonely Planet editions, a purse and a good looking bike) on the road.

I was still sleepy after this.

Picked up the devil and headed to Banashankari and waited for the rest of the devils. If I begin to describe those people, you might look at your past-life in the rear view mirror and sigh! So, I won’t.

Then we stopped for breakfast. I have had appams that melt-in-your-mouth, I have had sizzling beef-fry, awesome shammi-kebabs but those idlis blew me off.

Let’s just say that that day, the idlis woke up and decided to be Awesome that day than sad(Google map link to the shop will be put next week). True story.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, please focus on the dude in the orange shirt.  If he were to stretch his right hand towards top-right direction and at about 2-3 metres, would be the point from where I fell. Onto the crash-pad. That rock I never conquered. Sigh!

But, I intend to go back and reclaim my knight-hood.


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