2012 Saturday One

The first Saturday of 2012 rolled in and I vowed not to remain indoors in front of the Macbook, no matter what. Driving around under the influence of Bill Bryson’s “Down Under” I caught sight of the unkempt signboard of the Karnataka State Library. I was curious as to what gems I would find digging into tomes of Indian history or rather, those of Bangalore. Well, that didn’t happen, if only we could have sent away the formal ways of writing and behaving with the British!

That, though, did leave enough time to roam around the library. *Here comes my favorite part*

The floor was wood paneled. And the staircases were also wooden with coir mats nailed to them. Each step was a boom which was loud enough to give you a feeling of infinite personal space. Windows with green panes and fine grilling curtained with Venetian blinds, the aesthetics intact. There was hardly any empty seating in the Periodicals section on the second floor, mostly covered by men above the age of 25 reading newspapers with the earnestness and intensity of ants toiling for food. I got tired of counting the sections on the ground floor, there were definitely more than ten, of which Economics and History seemed to be more than sufficiently stocked.

Oh and by the way, they hate cell phones. If you do answer a call with a hushed voice (so as not to disturb the reading mantises) the section librarian would swipe you away like a house-fly with a disgusted expression. It’s a polite action asking you to get the fuck out of the library and keep the fuck out till the fuck was over. This expression changes to that of swatting a mosquito bombing a brain in deep sleep, as you reach the baggage counter near the main entrance. The architecture was soothing  after the ambush, with cooing pigeons filling the spaces. Actually the dotted roof-line that you see below are actually pigeons.

The garden behind the building is a square with row after row of planted shrubs. Lush trees cover the land beyond the parking lot making it sound like a forest section echoing with bird calls and wind sashaying through the thick leaf-laden branches. It would be seductive for a nature lover. All this beautiful setting ever would need is free wi-fi.

At the exit, I met a handsome Italian couple looking for a place to eat. Since only coconut water was had for breakfast, two became three. Sear-fish and rasam-meals were devoured with hands, then washed down with Coca-Cola products as we talked over the itinerary. That was when I realized how little I knew about my beloved country and especially Kerala (this shall be fixed soon!). Hope Lonely Planet holds them in good stead.

The garden. This would look even more beautiful on a misty morning.

P.S: Also, the 50mm lens was delivered today and it looks like I won a book! The latter is a first at winning off the internet, thanks to the ladies at the Caterpillar Cafe.


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