Eastering around

It was Easter (again) and we were very happy. I think it was the camaraderie than anything of having more happy people around than the other “usual” days. So, while the other Christians were getting carnivorous, a friend and I found ourselves in a vegetarian restaurant near Forum. It’s called Om (and not Ohm, which would have been cooler!), in the ground floor of Raheja Arcade.


1. The jaljeera there, sucks. Its like dissolved Hajmola candy. Get the masala/ginger chai anyday.

2. These guys are extra sensitive about cleanliness. Saw this waiter pickup a tomato slice with a napkin! I was impressed and now I could let down by nerves.

3. Before you go and get yourself an Iphone 5, scroll down and see for yourself how good it’s camera is in low-light conditions.




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