State of lovely despair

This is one of the frames I got at Tipu’s fort, near KR Market at Bangalore. The paint is flaky at almost all places in the insides, but it weirdly, adds to its mystery. Made me think what must have happened here, what all have the walls seen?.  This, I must attribute to finding a skeleton (still chained to the wall) in Humayun’s tomb (or some other asshole, I don’t remember clearly!) in Delhi on a school trip.

Can you imagine the glee of finding a skeleton in a clean swept archaeological-place ? That too on a humid Thursday, years after the realization that being Spiderman or Batman or Superman or He-Man and juggling it with school life would be extremely difficult. Not to mention the knuckle raps that the muscular vice-principal would belt out if you get caught in the corridors, loitering.

Can you imagine ? Can you ?

If you can’t imagine, then you should go back and do something about your school days. I’m getting endorphin rush just thinking about them.


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