I’ve waited for this photograph since the time I laid my eyes on the blast-from-the-past. The disappointment was having a 50mm lens when what I really needed was a wide-angle 10-14mm. The camera needs to be warmed up.


Shankar Market has a few moments like the one below which keeps you glued to the art on the first floor. Please watch out fresh paan and human stains. Though it’s 2015, we still like to paint the walls with our piss.


And then on the walk back, elephants.IMG_0076

Of course, every walk must end in a plate of delicious chaat or bhel. This wasn’t as delicious. Effects of mass production.



A feather for a whip

The best of man is like water,
Which benefits all things, and does not contend with them,
Which flows in places that others disdain,
Where it is in harmony with the Way.

( Taken from the Dao Of Web Design )

The morning dream

It’s been long since I had a conversation that dissected a photograph. This photograph brought back the talk.



Every wfh (work from home) needs a cat.



The morning bird


The tiny people of Jama Masjid

Okay, I think I have just enough time to show you two photos taken from the minaret in Jama Masjid ( on the Saturday of mint (with Uncle Chipps masala) and mix-veg chapathis, at Parathe-waali gali).




happy diwali to you too

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I had gotten used to a certain personal space in Bangalore. People taking “no” for an answer, the autowallahs addressing you with a “sir” and vice-versa. That doesn’t apply to Delhi. Drifting in and out of sleep at 9 pm, I hear hurried knocking on the door. He sees a red-nose reindeer (a tad too early) in boxers, rubbing groggy eyes. I see a vicious smile.

There was some problem with the the projector they were setting up on the terrace, urgent help was solicited. Sleep departs in seconds and I’m shooting him with questions about the problem. And then I remember his vicious smile. I’m coerced into dressing up and on the way I grab my camera.This is what you get when you mix frenzied neighbors (with deep pockets hell bent on making Delhi worse) with my sleepy head with a running nose.

These guys spent a nonsensical 3.5 lakh rupees on crackers within a 7 hour window. And here I was pushing the purchase of a 70-200 mm lens for next year. So yeah, happy diwali.