Every wfh (work from home) needs a cat.




The morning bird


Eye candy

BMW Z-series in matt-black finish. Too bad I was riding , to get a better pic.

The tiny people of Jama Masjid

Okay, I think I have just enough time to show you two photos taken from the minaret in Jama Masjid ( on the Saturday of mint (with Uncle Chipps masala) and mix-veg chapathis, at Parathe-waali gali).




happy diwali to you too

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I had gotten used to a certain personal space in Bangalore. People taking “no” for an answer, the autowallahs addressing you with a “sir” and vice-versa. That doesn’t apply to Delhi. Drifting in and out of sleep at 9 pm, I hear hurried knocking on the door. He sees a red-nose reindeer (a tad too early) in boxers, rubbing groggy eyes. I see a vicious smile.

There was some problem with the the projector they were setting up on the terrace, urgent help was solicited. Sleep departs in seconds and I’m shooting him with questions about the problem. And then I remember his vicious smile. I’m coerced into dressing up and on the way I grab my camera.This is what you get when you mix frenzied neighbors (with deep pockets hell bent on making Delhi worse) with my sleepy head with a running nose.

These guys spent a nonsensical 3.5 lakh rupees on crackers within a 7 hour window. And here I was pushing the purchase of a 70-200 mm lens for next year. So yeah, happy diwali.

State of lovely despair

This is one of the frames I got at Tipu’s fort, near KR Market at Bangalore. The paint is flaky at almost all places in the insides, but it weirdly, adds to its mystery. Made me think what must have happened here, what all have the walls seen?. ¬†This, I must attribute to finding a skeleton (still chained to the wall) in Humayun’s tomb (or some other asshole, I don’t remember clearly!) in Delhi on a school trip.

Can you imagine the glee of finding a skeleton in a clean swept archaeological-place ? That too on a humid Thursday, years after the realization that being Spiderman or Batman or Superman or He-Man and juggling it with school life would be extremely difficult. Not to mention the knuckle raps that the muscular vice-principal would belt out if you get caught in the corridors, loitering.

Can you imagine ? Can you ?

If you can’t imagine, then you should go back and do something about your school days. I’m getting¬†endorphin rush just thinking about them.


Paparazzi at the bird cage

Paparazzi at the bird cage

Frankly, I could feel their glares; like I was selling their secrets to the sun.