The grass on the greener side

Miniature people.Minute intertwined lives.And the unyielding cold rain.
Brought together by hot buttered popcorn and ginger tea.Held together by frail umbrellas.And, the rain became a cool breeze.

a goodbye?

It’s a tough goodbye to

the dogs(Mike,and Audi(you have been forgiven)),

the popcorn meet-ups of 4pm,

the rare flying chocolates caught every Wednesday evening,

the awesome drives in the Getz( VSS,Thanks man!!),

Sports car sightings(Thanks to me for spotting the Quattroporte, what grace,the car I mean! ),

the late night beer raids,

the best home made Hyderabadi biriyani ever and last but the best – being “Sir”ed for borrowing a chair almost everyday(I have two, in the cubicle for managers’ which I occupied :P)

The chaotic traffic sense has become an integral part of my daily life and as has the meetha pan after every dinner.Sigh. And, if you ever come down to Hyd DC on a working day, don’t forget to meet the bloggers here – hospitality is the word and you are the guest. Especially Sumanoj, VSS , Ashwin and Ms. G (who though has officially been transferred to Pune,is essentially STILL here in Hyderabad). Off to Bangalore on Sunday. ALL fingers crossed.

cotton candy anyone?

20th June


At the VGP golden beach, at Chennai.
He asked me, “Meri foto leke kya karoge?”(What are you gonna do with my foto?)
I said,”Still cant see your teeth,sir!”
He grinned.

in da bus

8th June

Sudden showers  gave me enough reasons to  curl up this morning. Wanted to pull the quilt up to the head and listen to music on my  phone(which offlate has been giving me bluetooth problems!) or still better watch Sholay on it. Had to do with listening to Children of Bodom- Someone put somethingin my drink, instead.

Tried to give the bus scene an 1970s look, to make up for the couldnt-have instead.



Thats a  soft drink can and the light is from a white LED torch.

Was so lost in working on this one, that I completely forgot about , my fear of the dark. This makes this one all the more special!

where the?

24th June

I’m the first one to wake up at home and also the first one to open the door, to find the newspaper lying right there.Between the grille and door.Where the hell was it?
Took a little time for the brain to register, that the paper had decided to defy gravity and was hanging in between. It never does that, especially on rainy days or when the floor is wet otherwise!



Effects of global warming 😛

The Charminar

The Charminar

Not to me

Merry New Year to you.Not to me.I am a man of the moment,please.

Desolation road


Someone is gonna take this road soon(next monday to be precise!!),

That someone wishes that it remains like this – with poor visibility,

So that homesickness doesnt hit a homerun, until he is far away from home.


The good news is that this blog is back with whom it actually belongs, which is me.And no,Im not in the picture . Those two characters are two fellow bloggers were also my cycling-mates.  We would try to make it a point to cycle around the campus almost everyday – to wean ourselves from the working-your-ass-off busy schedule and take a break.

as Everyday I would tell myself –

Dont rant about the blog!

Don’t. Not today.

It won’t help anything.

But everytime we started our short break, all my fortitude would give away and I would swear that if ever I find the fu**** who cracked my blog, I would do him some permanent physical damage, and  before I could complete my to-do list I  would be distracted by a femme fatale, or the scenic golf course or the ocassional sight of a BMW or Porsche Carrera inside the campus(??!).  

Initially they offered their condolences, “Dil pe mat le yaar..[English: Dont take things too hard,dude]” ( this reminds me of the song from Hyderabad Blues –dil pe  mat le yaar, hath me le :D). And it was one of those days. when we had this conversation:

Me: “Guys go ahead, I will join you…. Cycle slowly.. okay?”

S: ” WTF dude I dont have time for this..”

A : “Ohh kay , so you need time to  get your SLR out  huh? (hinting at my cell camera)

Me : “Yea ..yeah .. some day Im gonna get my blog back and Im gonna put this pic up there…”

So the day has come today and  thats Sum (on the right) and Xander Cage (on the right). Thanks guys!!

Hyderabad Blues

I had never dreamt about traveling in an auto,sitting with the driver even after paying the full fair,back in Delhi.
Things are different here in Hyderabad.But this way,you also get to read a lotta couplets in funny Hyderabadi Hindi scribbled here and there on vacant portions of the dashboard.This is from the morning ride:
“Kaas ki tum chand hota,
Aur hum sitaara hota,
Asmaan mein humaara apna ek aashiyana hota”

The “hota” reminded me of a conversation I had with an electrical appliances shop, last week.
Me:”Bhaiyya, power plug ka adapter hai apke paas?”
Him:”[Nods his head with a sage-like ‘no’]Nai hota, saab”
Me:”Yaar hota hai!! power plug mein chotta pin lagane ke liye hota hai!!”
Him:”[Very confidently ]Nai hota saab”
Me:[Exasperated,irritated,perspiring in the afternoon heat]
Another customer(a Punjabi),intervened “He means that he doesnt have it”,motioning towards the salesman.
Me:”Thank you very much!”

Parikrama(’91 )


“Eda ‘but it rained’ kettutundo?” (thats in Malayalam.It translates to “Da have you heard ‘But it rained’?)

I was lying on my chair my legs outstretched,eyes  tightly shut and mouth half open.Arms limp beside me.Seeing my condtion he starts typing something on the idiot box on my table.My eyes were still shut.But something didnt seem right!

If butter had rained, why was their so much silence around me?Wasnt anybody panicking or were they waiting for Superman to deliver his promise?

Why was this guy still standing over my PC,and disturbing my beauty sleep?

Irritated I open my eyes ,my pupils try to adjust the surroundings.

“Man,what the fuck are you trying to do??”

Before I could say something more,he swiftly adjusts the sound control.And then:

“Wrapped in a polythene tucked away safe in my mind
A little goodbye maybe or just a passing smile
The birds fly away to the southern sky searching a home
A bunch of paper flowers or a little boy left all alone

Can somebody hear me I’m screaming from so far away
Morning who will calm you now, the evening is eclipsed again

Well does life get any better
More yesterday than today
How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
But it rained . . .

They justified the cause for which Daddy might give up his life
It’s been so long, so long a time, still I miss Daddy at night
The ache is long gone but the “never” keeps staring along
The waters in the seas are high
and all the sand castles have drowned

Well does life get any better
More yesterday than today
How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
But it rained . . .”


That was the first time I had heard a song by Parikrama.I had heard about this band before.The fact it was Indian,made me proud.That wasn’t enough to make me go check it out for myself.I did become an addict to that song.But after going through Superhero(another single) felt that anymore digging into the band would be in vain.It was funny, how in a matter of minutes the band first rose in priority and soon crashed out of sight.What a paradigm shift!!


I havnt tried out anything of theirs since.

 I have forgiven him for waking me up then.

“But it rained” still remains etched into my memory.Seconds,”Death Cab for Cutie-Ill follow you into the dark” in everything that follows.Everytime I hear it, something urges me to get a guitar and play that song.Play that song and watch the photographic trail of whats-left of Mysore .I miss it all,very badly.I must have some of it,here too.People around me recollect their school-days or their college-life to be the best time of their lives.And i realize that those 2 small months of strange land were my best times.Things we shared weighed much more.A bunch of strangers, with little in common than a name on the back.I thought:

Can life get any better than this?

How I longed for sunshine,

But it rained…

IndiBlogger meet

Im new to Hyderabad so I had gone to this Indiblogger meeting the last Saturday, in my efforts to adjust to this city.The half a kilometre walk in the afternoon sun with dust from the nearby construction area hanging like fog and heavy trucks added to the misery.

Soon, im sitting in a room with people (around hundred,maybe) in a conference room in the Microsoft campus.After a short intro, we have an ice-breaker session called the “1minute to fame”.I was hoping that it had nothing to with AXN! cause i was not prepared with it.Everyone present was given a chance to introduce themselves and what they blog about.Hunger hadnt actually set in but who would like to say no to free-pizzas.So after some snacks,we are back in the conference room for a Microsoft LiveWrite Presentation. This was the lousiest part of the whole meet.This made me feel we should have been meeting up in a bar or a dhaaba.Close to an hour is spent in explaining an easy to use blogging software.Guys, if its so ease to use why do u have to spent time explaining the menubar? Perhaps they would have just expanded on its features,and let us go off the hook instead of teaching us how to use it.It would have ended up as a technical debate if Renie hadn’t intervened.

It felt good to be there and shake hands with  entrepreneurs,students,professionals,recruiting managers,alike.Its a great initiative and some collaborative effort from such meetings could come a long way in changing things around us.Thanks Indiblogger!!