Bus in the rain

Bus in the rain

Felt torn at this moment as it came screeching to a halt at the bus stop nearby.
Half of me wanted to be motorbiking in the rain.
The size-able rest wanted wanted nothing but the book-in-hand , the cup of tea and the condiments at hand. It was like those in management circles say, win-win.

blah again – 2

I want to sink into a plush couch with a promise of the long summer vacations that the Indian summer bestows on school children; a tumbler of lime juice in hand, the sweet drum roll of 21st century Fox heralding a riveting movie and the sheer joy of inventing cricket strategies for the evening game in the gully.




It’s a public holiday today in South India. It seems the birds are having a better time than me.


Mixed bag


Three months of Delhi, and now Bangalore. Will miss the process of growing plump on awesome food. Hello, reckless freedom.

Jaane Kahaan hai

Getting maps from the stationery store is a frequent exercise among students in Delhi. At least, it was when I was kid.

My favorite was a map which had the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal in cool blue, land boundaries in shades of grey and this particular one had a smooth finish. No print bloopers for me.In  fact, I just saw a scrappy , cheaper version a few minutes back.

I long to find that haughty, police-inspector’s-hat, we called the state of Jammu & Kashmir, high in the air. Our country is probably to get its boundaries altered without its permission, without being overthrown. All while I was getting ready for a lifetime of steady monthly income.


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